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Plantation Shutters
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Window Shutters and Stone Facade
Plantation shutters are the Rolls Royce of window treatments. They are the only window treatment you can buy that will actually increase the value of your home, similar to adding a pool or an extra room! They can be made to the shape and size of any window and last virtually forever.

Wood shutters come in painted and stained finishes and can be mounted either outside the window (on the wall) or inside provided the window return allows for louvre clearance.

Arches can be addressed in the traditional fan style or the window can be treated as a full louvered arch style. Various decorative moldings are offered with Z-Frame and flush mounting.

With the louvres completely closed, shutters create a pocket in the window that insulates against heat and cold and will result in lower utility bills.

Shutters allow for excellent control of view and light and most carry an extensive warranty from 25 years to lifetime. The average time to get a custom shutter order is six to eight weeks.


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